Basil Grow Bag

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You can grow organic herbs, flowers or fruits in this bag and in just a few weeks.

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Grow fresh aromatic herbs, edible flowers or fruits on your kitchen windowsill all year round. Everything you need to grow an indoor herb or small vegetable garden is provided all you add is water.

A 15x18cm leakproof bag with instructions, clay pebbles, soil and a pack of organic seeds.

How to grow

  1. Cut the Grow Bag, remove the soil and seeds packet. Leave the clay pebbles at the bottom and fill with soil.
  2. Open the seeds packet, sprinkle a few seeds on top of the soil and slightly cover the seeds until half centimeter.
  3. Keep the soil moisten but not over-watering (a bottle spray works well).
  4. Cover with the plastic bag and set in a warm place with natural light but without direct sun. Check daily if the soil is moisten.
  5. When the seeds germinate (7-14 days), remove the plastic bag and keep in a natural light spot.
  6. Add water when the soil appears to be dry. When the plants are mature they need water every day.


Life in a Bag

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 3 cm