Little Buddha Carob Breakfast

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Little Buddha Carob Breakfast Iswari 360g

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Loves bringing great health to his friends! He makes his delicious breakfast for us all to

share each day.

All the scrummy ingredients are healthy too (but shhhh donʼt tell the kids!)

and gives Little Buddha the energy he needs to swing from tree to tree and play with his

animal friends all day long!

A nutritious breakfast is vital to start the day in the right way!

Little Buddha’s breakfasts provide key nutrients such as magnesium and iron, as well as healthy fats.

They contain no refined sugars and are therefore perfect for your giving

your little heroes the energy they need to stay active and calm all the

way till lunch time. Phew!


Milled Buckwheat, Tiger nut flour, Lucuma powder, Milled Flax seeds, Activated buckwheat, Carob powder (7%) / Biological product (Certiplanet PT-BIO-04) / Gluten Free (APC – Biotrab)/ Vegan/ Portugal



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